About me

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From idea to production

The story of softbeehive began back in 2008 while I was studying mechanical engineering at National Aviation University in Kyiv, Ukraine. At the age of 19, I became disillusioned about my university and got bored by the slow learning process.

I always wanted to jump straight into solving practical, real-world issues, but felt there was a little room for creativity. The jet engine in the lecture hall, I was so captivated by a year earlier, seemed like a museum exhibit.

Inspired by successful internet projects of that period, I decided to found a web studio. A few weeks later, I completed the first commercial project earning $100. That joy of reaching the goal shines in my collection of memories ever since.

Work philosophy

Over 12 years, I built many web apps. Society transformed, new tools and techniques evolved, javascript gained popularity, but web browser is still a central app on our devices. And yet, due to the web's decentralized nature, frontend devs have to deal with so many caveats.

Modern, responsive, performant, accessible web app is a synonym to "competitive edge." It doesn't matter which religion you practice: agile or lean. People's values, knowledge, and working culture define the fate of the business. The ability to focus on achieving the primary goal is what sets efficient teams apart.


At work, I care about the look and feel, speed, security, accessibility, and ethics of the project. I love the role at the intersection of software engineering and graphic design. This portfolio is a compressed snapshot of my personal and professional evolution.