Flickr Ocean Trawler


Mar 2014

Image search engine on top of Flickr API. Research experiment commemorating World War I Centenary. Image search and data retrieval symbolize the navy operation of the British trawler ship.

Skill stack

Zend Framework 2, PHP, Flickr API, MySQL, jQuery, Single Page Application, Research, Open Source, Linux


It was a technical challenge at EF. In 2014 I wanted to commemorate fallen sailors of WWI.

Flickr Ocean Trawler dedicated to British naval trawlers and their crew sweeping the sea for mines. I created drawings using Intuos 5 pen tablet.

SPA passes a query - backend gets results from Flickr API - results processed and saved in MySQL - backend renders a view - SPA gets HTML partial and adds it to DOM.
Flickr Ocean Trawler